Tariq Mehmood Jahangiri

President, IHCBA

It’s an honor to be a President of IHCBA, my top priorities to be helpful for my colleagues and to raise new standards of comfort and facilities and create a passive and peaceful atmosphere and their practice. For that I need their help, suggestion and wise.


Muhammad Waqas Malik

Secretary General, IHCBA

It is a matter of great honour for me to be the Secretary General of IHCBA, the premier Bar of this country. I and my team is here to take the torch of justice and freedom of the Bar one step ahead towards our shared destination which is fair justice, self esteem and success.

News & Updates

Islamabad High Court Bar Association is holding a reference in the memory of martyred and victim to stand by their members till damage caused is objectively resolved.
Islamabad High Court Bar Association shall observe complete strike on the call of Pakistan Bar Council in condemnation of Suicidal Attack on the legal fraternity at Shab Qadar Courts, Tehsil Charsadda dated, 07-03-2016. The Members of Islamabad High Court Bar Association will not appear. COMPLETE STRIKE. 08-03-2016.
Today the Writ Petition titled “Islamabad High Court Bar Association versus SECP” was allowed, wherein J. Miangul Hassan Oragnzeb directed SECP Authorities to device a Mechanism for the Appointment of Legal Advisors/Advocates in Companies registered with SECP. According to the directions passed by Honourable High Court the Elected body IHCBA will device a policy in consultation with SECP and shall submit in the court on 7th May, 2016. Muhammad Waqas Malik, Secretary General IHCBA.
Today Mr. Anwer Khan kasi CJ, Mr. J. Amir Farooq & Mr. J Mohsin Akthar Kiyani (Special Committee) called upon the Cabinet. Major Issues 1- Lawyers Chambers/Complex 2- Lawyer quota for Residential Plots 3- Treat in Govt Hospital Were discusses and RESOLVED. Inshallah Members shall witness ACHIEVEMENTS. Agenda regarding ROTATION & ILLEGAL APPOINTMENTS shall be placed in coming Week. Petition filed by Bar Association is fixed for 13-04-2016.

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Here are some of the facilities proudly offered at IHCBA, and we are working tirelessly on providing more necessary facilities to our lawyers.

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